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Overbearing, insensitive bosses are counterproductive to the very goal they seek: more output from you. Kahn says though overly demanding bosses may be impatient, overly direct, and even intimidating; are not likely to accept excuses on missing deadlines or goals; and may even have a high churn rate through their staff as they search for individuals who can meet their high expectations -- working for an overly demanding boss is not always a bad thing.

They set high expectations for their team since they have high expectations for themselves. The key to success is learning to how to manage up with this personality type.


Strict, yet kind boss can boost employees' performance: Study

You cannot assume that your boss understands the hours associated with assignments. These bosses must be made aware of the importance of priorities and your human limits. Most importantly, you must take the initiative in creating mutually agreeable expectations.

A demanding boss is focused on delivering results to his or her boss, not on the negative fallout you may feel that your work is never enough, Taylor says. Simic agrees.

10 Brilliant Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Boss

Consider why your boss is being so demanding. Is it just a personality issue, or is there pressure from even higher up to meet certain objectives?

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Kahn concurs. You have the needed skills set, are relied upon and know the company culture. Keep that in mind when you are ready to approach your boss. Gently confront the boss. And a lot of your success also depends on the delivery and timing of your discussion. Listen and repeat. Make sure you are always listening carefully, as ideas and directions may come quickly, Kahn suggests. At the end of your meetings, repeat back the deliverables that you are responsible for to make sure you are on the same page. Set mutual expectations and priorities.

Offer a reality check on how a new assignment affects your other ones and the potential for other missed deadlines. Stay positive. Your sense of calm and commitment to delivering the best results will be appreciated, and help coach your boss in a better direction, Taylor says.

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Be a problem-solver, not a problem-maker. Come prepared to present your boss with potential solutions to show that you have the same sense of urgency as they do about projects, Kahn says. They may not be the right solution, but this type of boss will appreciate your effort to help solve.

How To Deal with a Difficult Boss Corporate training sessions Video by Vivek Bindra India

Friedman says if there's a corporate-level goal your boss is trying to attain, it may make more sense to try to figure out alternate ways of reaching that target. The goal is probably less about getting credit for your ideas than getting a better working environment out of it. He frets about little details. He arrives at the office in the morning, flushed and frazzled, because he was lying awake the night before agonizing over numbers and orders. How to deal?

What it's like being the strict boss | BE Offices

Be gentle, but try to avoid much interaction if you can. The nervousness can be contagious. The buzzword boss loves his designer clothes, cars, pen, and toothbrush. Grin and bear it. And, if you can — teach him some new words on a regular basis. However, be forewarned: hanging out with buddy boss during your work hours could have you working nights to keep up. The key here is balance. The two-minute boss is a cross between a god boss and a world-on-his-shoulders boss. The two-minute boss constantly gives the impression that he is way too busy to bother with details.

His head is always somewhere else — somewhere more important. Working for this boss is an exercise in the art of speaking concisely. Try to fit everything you have to say in a two-minute timeframe, and see what happens. The patronizing boss is an old-school martyr. His help, however, always leads to — you guessed it — trouble. How to deal with the King of Condescension?

Try a little deflation. Ask him how is it that someone as knowledgeable and talented as him is working for this little company. The idiot boss is characterized by cluelessness and stupidity. Your choices here can be limited.

2. Find Relevant Examples And Quotes From Other Organizations

Well, you can change your reaction. Do your personal best, and realize that in some way, your boss serves a purpose. Figure out what it is. The lone wolf prefers to ride solo. He stays in his office or works from home, avoiding human contact, especially employee interaction. Look to build your work and networking relationships elsewhere. The perfectionist is a micro-manager who likes to control all of your work.

The behavior is obsessive, and leaves you with very little trust in your own abilities. Instead of losing all motivation, learn to work for yourself and your own standards. The eccentric boss has unrealistic expectations for his staff. He has a unique way of completing his work, and expects his employees to work in the same manner.

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  • He can be gentle, but often causes confusion around his expectations and explanations of projects. This boss is likely to play favorites as he gravitates towards others with similar interests. The eccentric boss would most likely rather be doing something else, and sometimes this will show. Ahh, the great boss — the supportive motivator — the boss who treats everyone with fairness regardless of politics.

    He communicates, keeps an open door policy, and encourages others to follow suit. He leads by example, provides superior training, and a positive work environment. He coaches his staff, and when employees leave, they will talk about him for years to come. That was a rhetorical question. Obviously, you want to be the kind of boss that people gravitate toward and actually want to work hard for. The kind of boss that knows what it means to be a successful leader.

    Could you use some help getting there? Nobody wakes up one day and is suddenly the best boss of all time. Let Monster help you reach your full potential. Skip to main content.

    A Strict Boss A Strict Boss
    A Strict Boss A Strict Boss
    A Strict Boss A Strict Boss
    A Strict Boss A Strict Boss
    A Strict Boss A Strict Boss
    A Strict Boss A Strict Boss
    A Strict Boss A Strict Boss

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