Messianic Spring Holiday Helper

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. It is considered to be the most holy time of year in Judaism. As such, this season can teach us all important things about the great value of corporate repentance of sin, and an annual inspection of our individual spiritual maturity. We can learn lessons about the Lord's ongoing plan of salvation history, especially the Second Coming of Yeshua the Messiah Jesus Christ and the future establishment of His Millennial Kingdom!

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The Messianic Fall Holiday Helper is a valuable compilation of resources designed to assist you, your family, and your Messianic fellowship for this season. We have included a selection of articles summarizing the role of mainline Jewish tradition, and reflective articles that focus on day-to-day observances of the Ten Days of Awe and the eight days of Tabernacles.

Messages from customary books of the Tanach Old Testament like Deuteronomy and Ecclesiastes, which are often studied and discussed during the Fall high holidays, have been offered. A few FAQs on the Fall high holidays have also been provided. Finally, some significant liturgy derived from Conservative Jewish sources including a template for both a Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur morning service is available. If you have ever wondered what role the Fall high holidays should play in the life of a Believer, then the Messianic Fall Holiday Helper is definitely something for you.

You will be blessed by what you can learn during these convocations! Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Sukkot is filled with reasons to rejoice.

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We rejoice in His faithfulness to keep His promises. And we thank Him for His bountiful provision today. Still, there are more reasons for joy at Sukkot. In the wilderness, the Israelites dwelled in tents. Sukkot will see its fulfillment when God gathers the elect from all over the world into His kingdom to dwell with Him forever. See Matthew and Revelation , 3. Register Log in Search. Medical Outreaches Festivals Israel Tour. Blog Magazine Newsletter. The Lord was in the burning bush.

The Lord was in the pillar of fire that protected Israel from the Egyptians and lead us through the wilderness. Fire, when applied to metal, separates dross from ore, the impure from the pure. Fire, when applied to anything organic, separates the organic from the inorganic during combustion.

Fire purifies and cleanses. The Holy Spirit cleanses and makes holy. The Holy Spirit will not abide with unholiness. The Spirit will not abide with lies. If your life is unholy or if you are given to lying you cannot legitimately claim to be operating in the Spirit. Fire can melt the hardest material on earth, even solid rock. The Holy Spirit can melt and mold the toughest human heart. Fires makes it possible for man to live in the coldest regions on earth. It cooks our food and heats our homes. Without fire man would be reduced to a near animal existence.

With fire man becomes a little more like God, no longer forced to concentrate all his energies on mere survival, but able to contemplate the deeper issues of life. The Holy Spirit is like oil: Oil was used for anointing. The prophet Samuel anointed young David with oil, announcing that he would one day be king of Israel.

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Yeshua was anointed with the Spirit. That is what makes Him the Messiah. Oil was burned and gave light. The Spirit of truth enlightens us, gives us knowledge. Oil was also used to cleanse, heal and sanctify. The Holy Spirit brings cleansing, healing and holiness.

How to say the Messianic Holiday Blessing in Hebrew - Freedom Hill Community

Just as there should always be a good supply of oil in any lamp, so we need to be daily being filled with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is like water: Water holds fascination for man. People will travel hundreds of miles to view great downpourings of water, like the Niagara Falls.

Water is relatively simple yet mysterious. It is tasteless, odorless, colorless, transparent, and buoyant. It holds up heavy objects like a metal ship or a tree. The Holy Spirit holds us up. Water enables us to transport things, such as shipments brought on barges. The Holy Spirit transports us, His precious cargo, through life and ultimately all the way to the world to come. Water makes life possible, and many a human being has died for want of it.

Where there is water there is life, growth, and fruitfulness. With water it will be a flourishing garden. The Spirit makes life more abundant. We use water to cleanse our bodies, to our clothes, our homes. Water is also refreshing. There is nothing like a cool glass of water on a hot day. Wine is a symbol of joy. You will never find true joy and happiness without receiving the Spirit — the source of all joy. On the day of Shavuot the coming of the Spirit was accompanied by the sound of a violent rushing wind.

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Like wind His work may be not be visible, but the results certainly are. He touches whom He will and gives gifts as He sees fit. You can no more govern the moving of the Spirit than you can control the wind. Wind can be powerful, like a tornado or hurricane. It can carve exquisite structures out of solid rock. Arches National Monument is a good example of what wind can do. It will destroy those structures that oppose it, but not destroy those things that bend and yield to it. Allow the Spirit to have His way in your life, and He will make something beautiful of it. Wind can also be a cool, refreshing breeze.

The Holy Spirit is like a cool breeze that comforts and refreshes; and just as the wind is from the heavens, so the new birth is from above. The Holy Spirit is like breath: Ruach is also translated breath.

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Without breath we die. We have life and tremendous intimacy with God due to His indwelling Spirit. Our breath is close to us. How to be filled with the Spirit We receive the Spirit by faith and prayer.

Messianic Spring Holiday Helper Messianic Spring Holiday Helper
Messianic Spring Holiday Helper Messianic Spring Holiday Helper
Messianic Spring Holiday Helper Messianic Spring Holiday Helper
Messianic Spring Holiday Helper Messianic Spring Holiday Helper
Messianic Spring Holiday Helper Messianic Spring Holiday Helper

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