A Beginners Guide to Flickr

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Uploading a photo to Flickr

What story is the image telling the user? Groups are a vital aspect both to improve your own skills and to grow your profile within the community. With a standard account on Flickr you can do a fair amount but your account is pretty limited. If you want to move up in the world, and in the community, then you really need to invest in a Pro Account.

The Explore section of Flickr is where the big boys come out to play. If you really want to start getting recognized or noticed in the community then this is the area that you really need to understand. These automatically grouped photos are then thrust right to the forefront of the site and are viewed by thousands of people every day. The specifics of the algorithm are kept secret by Flickr staff so as to prevent abuse from people who want to cheat the system.

That being said, the very basics of the algorithm are made clear. Essentially you want as many of the first three factors as you can get and as little of the last one as possible. A couple of hundred views, comments and favorites within a few hours will almost certainly get your photo Explored. Other possible factors include who favorites or comments on your photos — someone with many contacts favoriting your photo potentially has more influence than someone who is very new to Flickr.

Once we get to this level, however, we are relying on speculation.


Newbie's Guide to Flickr - CNET

Getting noticed on Flickr and becoming better known as a photographer or artist consists of a few key areas of attention. Uploading regularly is the first and most obvious one. Just like having a Twitter account, just like running a blog, just like anything in life. If you want to be good at it and you want to be known for it then you need to do it regularly. A great way to do this on Flickr is to start something like a Project, where you commit yourself to taking one photo each and every day for a full year.

Uploading a photo to Flickr

This challenging project is not only a great way to improve your photography skills but it also keeps you regularly producing new content for the community to consume. Commenting on Flickr is about starting a conversation about a photograph and meeting new people. Often the first step to gaining new contacts is to comment on one of their photos.

There is no value at all in trying to automate human interactions!

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One other small but significant thing to do is to make sure you fill out your profile in full. Add information about yourself, add a photo, make sure you have some favorites on your account which are showing up, try to tag yourself in other photos so that they also show up on your profile. These things make people more likely to add you as a contact.

Essentially, Flickr is just like anything else. The best way to master Flickr is to engage with other people in the community and become friends with them.

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Flickr.

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5 Tips to Increase Your Visibility on Flickr

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A Beginners Guide to Flickr A Beginners Guide to Flickr
A Beginners Guide to Flickr A Beginners Guide to Flickr
A Beginners Guide to Flickr A Beginners Guide to Flickr
A Beginners Guide to Flickr A Beginners Guide to Flickr
A Beginners Guide to Flickr A Beginners Guide to Flickr
A Beginners Guide to Flickr A Beginners Guide to Flickr
A Beginners Guide to Flickr A Beginners Guide to Flickr
A Beginners Guide to Flickr A Beginners Guide to Flickr
A Beginners Guide to Flickr

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