Dont Kill The Cow Too Quick: An Ex-Pats Adventures Homesteading in Panama (Revised Edition)

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Company A, the Moatengators, were also in the jungle on a main attack, said Capt. Mike Schleicher, company commander. From the drop zone to Camp Rock, the company's objective, it's about 8 kilometers. The main challenge for the company was having to go uphill the entire way. It is hard to move around in thejungle without being heard, Schleicher said.

While Charlie and Alpha companies were in the jungle, Bravo Company stayed at the drop zone and relieved the Rangers of their duty and took over the defensive position. Beside the infantry, there were about people in- volved in the operation from th Military Intelli- gence Battalion, a logistics element from 41st Area Support Group, and a platoon of engineers from the 59th Engineer Company, Hayden said. After the mission, the companies moved to the pick up zone and flew back home to Fort Kobbe.

Christmas gift drive begins Story continued from page 1 clothing are greatly appreciated. Units may also use government vehicles for the program. Southern Command PAO, While New York and Chicago held traditional Columbus Day parades with fanfare and floats, the anniversary was dominated by bitter Indian protests which included large demonstrations in Bolivia and others in Mexico, Guatemala, Nica- ragua, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru and some U.

But much of the world yawned at the holiday, ignoring the voyage in which Columbus claimed all of the hemisphere for Spain. Even Columbus' own hometown of Genoa, Italy, shunned any celebrations. Festivities for the city's favorite son were cancelled after devastating floods last month. Dozens of Indian groups throughout Latin America seized the anniversary to show their disgust for the explorer's "discovery" of native peoples.

In Bolivia, some 50, peasant farm- ers marched to protest Columbus' arri- val. Local radio said 25, to 30, peasant farmers marched in the capital La Paz and in Potosi, the legendary area where Spanish conquistadors forced indigenous Bolivians to dig for silver. Thousands of others took to the streets. In neighboring Chile, several thou- sand Mapuche Indians also marched through various cities.

Police and scores of demonstrators fought running battles inthe streets afterone marching Santiago. In Mexico, thousands gathered in the capital city's historic main plaza, chant- ing and waving signs. The lighthouse was the centerpiece of the nation's lavish quiricentennial celebrations. Protesters defaced statues of Colum- bus in both Mexico City and San Salva- dor, splashing them with red paint, sym- bolic of the blood spilled by the invaders.

Indian groups in El Salvador also staged mock battles between sword-wielding "conquistadors" and Indians armed with bows and arrows. Nobel Peace Prize candidate Rigoberta Menchu led thousands of Mayans in a Guatemalan demonstration against the European explorers who stole their land and brought disease. The controversy surrounding the th anniversary has been so intense that Pope John Paul II carefully chose con- ciliatory words for a sermon he delivered in the Dominican Republic. The pontiff, who has praised Columbus several times during his trip, called for respect of the rights of Indians and social justice for all in Latin America.

One Dominican man was shot in the head and seriously wounded when doz- ens of youths piled up garbage and built flaming barricades to block streets, then stoned police cars. Cuba's Fidel Castro, whose govern- ment has been under fire for human rights violations, blasted the anniversary as a violent intrusion of Europe into Amer- ica. Venezuelan leaders denying Perez assassination attempt CARACAS, Venezuela Reuters - Confusion sur- rounded reports of an assassination attempt Monday against Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez after presidential bodyguards killed two people in a truck they said was speeding toward the presidential convoy.

Television and radio reports said there had been an assassination attempt, but the chief government spokes- man described the shooting incident as confusing and denied there had been an assassination attempt. Angel Zambrano, head of the Central Information Office, who was with Perez when the incident occurred near the Colombian border, said in a radio interview, "There has been tremendous confusion.

See a Problem?

There was no such assassination attempt against President Perez. One army officer and four soldiers were injured when the truck plowed into a group of people. Four children and two adults also were hurt in the incident, Zambrano said. A news editor at a local television station, which had a reporter at the scene, told Reuters the presidential guard had opened fire "because they thought it was an assassination attempt. According to the broadcast reports, three people were killed. Perez, who took office in February for a five- yearterm in this oil-rich country, escaped an assassina- tion attempt in a failed military coup attempt eight months ago in Caracas.

At least 25 people were killed in the failed Feb. It was the first open military challenge toPerezinhis two presidential terms, the first of which ran from to Pinerua also denied there had been an assassination attempt Monday and urged Venezuelans to remain calm, saying in statements to a local television station that security forces fired on the truck when the driver refused an order to stop.

He said several people, including an army lieutenant and a soldier, were injured when the truck plowed into a group of bystanders, mostly Guajiro Indians. Guajiros, who livein both Venezuela and Colombia, are a major Indian group known for their colorful tex- tiles. You know the Guajiros are always armed, and they are trigger-happy.

The attack comes at a tense time in Venezuela, a nation still shaken by an assassination attempt on Congressman and prominent labor leader Antonio Rios less than a month ago, as well as a more recent firebomb attack on the house of former President JaimeLusinchi. The leftist Bolivarian Liberation Forces that claimed responsibility for the attacks had threatened to target more public figures if the government failed to make a real effort to clean up corruption. Escobar's mother claims fugitive son will surrender BOGOTA, Colombia Reuters - Fugitive co- caine king Pablo Escobar Gaviria, one of the world's most wanted men, intends to surrender to Colombian justice authorities for a second time but is in no hurry, his mother said Sunday.

Escobar, head of the Medellin cocaine cartel, first surrendered in June to take advantage of a government leniency offer. He escaped from jail in July and has not been seen since. The Andean attack Saturday - the biggest since Shining Path leader Abimael Guzman was captured last month - left 30 women and chil- dren among the dead in the town of Huayao in the southeastern region of Ayacucho.

Restoration work will begin shortly at four of the most famous ruins - the pyramids of Teo- tihuacan outside Mexico City built before the birth of Christ, the Zapotec ceremonial center atop Monte Alban in Oaxaca, and the Mayan religious centers of Chichen Itza and Palenque in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Despite their age, beauty and importance to Mexico as tourist attractions, many ancient Indian sites have been neglected or left half-buried. The changes are permanent and will help any service- member or federal employee affected by future disas- ters. DoD will now allow stateside evacuation allow- ances for both military and civilian personnel. For civilian workers, officials approved indefinite adminis- trative leave - leave with pay, said Christopher Jehn, assistant secretary of defense for force management and personnel.

Andrew uprooted more than 11, at the base with most also losing their belongings. About 5, active duty members, family members and 1, civilian employees were assigned to the base, home to the 31st Fighter Wing. The Air Force will make arrangements for military personnel as quickly as possible, Jehn said.

This could mean a move to another installation, continuation of the status quo or a call back to Homestead. Air Force per- sonnel were put on temporary duty when they were evacuated, Jehn said. Normally temporary duty status doesn't extend past six months, he added, but it could be extended. When evacuation of the area was announced, civil- ian employees were given five days' administrative leave.

Whenit became obvious that five days would not be enough, DoD gave local commanders the authority to grant administrative leave for an indefinite period. DoD realized policies and regulations that aided the Philippine evacuees could not be used stateside. DoD personnel officials, with help from the Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Management and Budget, set about to change them quickly.

By the weekend following the hurricane, revised regulations were in place, allowing the payment of evacuation allowances and other monies. The Navy is considering that question as part of a new program to stamp out sexual harassment. The move, which the Navy is calling a "review," is prompting concern that the Navy may be going overboard as it attempts to deal with the repercus- sions of the Tailhook sex abuse scandal.

The mere rumor that adult publications might be banned from the military's store shelves prompted a stem letter from Playboy's lawyers to Christopher Jehn, the assistant secretary of defense for personnel. Ennis, who represents Play- boy Enterprises Inc. The bases oneofthree boot camps forsailors, but itis the only one that has mixed classes for males and females. It has been the site of some sexual harass- ment problems for the service.

Steve Pietropaoli, said Tuesdaythe decision was aresponseto "consis- tent complaints" that thepublications were demean- ing to women, and after the commander determined that "these publications were notin accordance with his mission of teaching young recruits about the importance of human dignity. It is within the purview of any commander "to review what is on his shelves and decide whetheritis helping his mission of good order and discipline or not," Pietropaoli said.

The review of the publications was announced Tuesday as part of Acting Navy Secretary Sean O'Keefe's efforts to eradicate sexual harassment from the service. Completed in May , the laboratory was renamedin to honor Air Force Col. Ashely McKinley, one of its pioneers. Before McKinley and others created the lab, tests were conducted outdoors. Researchers were at the mercy of Mother Nature.

More important, they could not duplicate test conditions time after time. The indoor facility at Eglin gave them that flexibility. The first tests in included the B bomber, the P fighter, the Sikorsky R-5D helicopter, trucks, tanks and clothing. Since then, the staff has tested more than aircraft and 2, pieces of equipment. These include materials for the Apollo capsule and insulating materials for the NASA space shuttle, bomb shelters for the Defense Nuclear Agency and even commercial tires the Army considered buying.

Foreign governments can use the facility for a fee only if American forces will use the foreign equipment as well, Velasco said. Mounted on an M armored personnel carrier, the system includes infrared sensors, a laser target designator and laser-guided missiles. Velasco said McKinley still has the largest test chamber in the world and can simulate the broadest range of climatic conditions.

It normally takes 24 hours to get minus 65 degrees and 12 hours to get plus We have several kinds of sand and dust, so we can simulate appropriate conditions for beach land- ings or another Desert Storm," Velasco said. The lab has six test chambers. The main chamber is feet wide, feet long and 70 feet high in the center, and has 55, square feet of usable floor space.

Researchers use McKinley's smaller chambers for altitude testing and testing tanks, trucks and other vehicles. In earlier days, humans sat in McKinley's atitjde chamber, but now, it is only for equipment The eMa- ber can duplicate altitudes up to 75, feet, with temperatures down to minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit It can also simulate rapid decompression, going frmw 8, feet to 40, feet in 3. Navy pilot and co-pilot were in a hospital Tuesday after their helicopter crashed in near hurricane-force winds in frigid Antarctica, killing three others. Doctors said pilot Lt. Edward L.

Crews, 39, of Baton Rouge, La. John C. Serralles Jr. Crews has severe internal injuries. Serralles has two broken legs and a dislocated pelvis. Killed in the crash on Tuesday were P01 Benjamin W. Varcoe, 49, and Terry F. Newport, It had been flying at about feet in poor visibility and 70 mph winds when it crashed near Mount Erebus where an Air New Zealand DC crashed in , killing people. A hurricane is defined as having sustained winds of at least 74 mph. I would like to see recycling started at the commissary for these "like new" paper bags whereby a receptacle is pro- vided outside the building under cover forpeople to return paper bags for reuse.

However, patrons are encouraged to bring paper and plastic bags back to the commissary for their own use. Recycling isn't a dead issue, says an Panama Army Communities of Excel- lence team member. PACE is working 'M r with agencies in Panama to promote recycling and hopes to have program in the near future. Jose Ocasio, D; October - Sgt. Andrew T. Brosowsky, D. Warren French; AlbrookTropical - Sgt. Mark Samples. Editor's note: This column is pro- vided to allow community members to submit questions or concerns to be re- searched and answered by the May- oral Congress.

Anonymity will be granted upon request. Publicity Chairperson, Dyana Ellis.

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The action line is a direct link between Brig. David E , A. Albrook AFS personnel. If you have a question or prob- lem that you can't solve through normal supervisory channels, call the Action Line at Callers should leave a name, telephone num- ber and mailing address in case questions need to be clari- fied. Names will be keptconfi- dential and used only to pro- vide callers with a personal response. Saw Q I'm calling in reference to a big, old green box that the contractor left in the backyard of my house. I would like to have it locked, re- moved or have something done about it.

Book Review | Retired at 45

I have two children and some small neighbors and they can get locked in it because it can be opened easily. Please do something about it. Thank You. Thank you for bringing this safety hazard to our attention. We currently have a project to re- place PCB-contaminated transformers. We began installation of these new transformers Sept. We have notified the contractor to ensure all transformers are secure until time of replacement, and the trans- former next to your quarters has been secured. Thank you again for bringing this matter to us to resolve.

Military working dogs help capture thieves Working dogs help catch thieves Rodman Naval Security Police reported the appre- hension of two thieves last week. The apprehensions were made after security police used a military working dog to subdue the fleeing pair.

If you see suspicious activity in your area, notify the military or security police immediately. Automobiles stolen Military police have received two complaints of stolen automobiles in the last week. Reports indicate that one car was stolen from the parking lot adjacent to Building 95 while the other was taken from a housing area. Both incidents occurred on Fort Clayton. It is unknown whether the thefts were related. Anyone having information that might assist the military police recover these automobile should con- tact the Military Police Investigations Section at Altered ID card confiscated A Panama City woman was apprehended by military police after she attempted to enter post with an altered military identification card.

Military police investiga- tors determined that the woman purchased the iden- tification card down- town and had usedit in the past to gain entrance to mili- tary installations in Panama. Ensure you safeguard your ID cards at all times. More unsecure money stolen at the gym , Here we go again at Reeder Gym. The money was left unsecured for only 10 minutes when the theft occurred.

Reeder Gym, Fort Clayton, has been the scene of numerous larcenies in the past few months. When you go to the gym, do not take anything you don't need and bring a lock if you plan to use a locker. Duty free privileges abused The Contraband Control Section has apprehended numerous people in the last few weeks for wrongful transfer of duty free merchandise. This violation occurs when duty free merchandise is given to people who do not possess duty free privi- leges. With the holiday season drawing near, don't let the spirit of giving interfere with good judgement.

The following crime statistics are for the week of Oct. Pacific Fort Clayton area - one larceny of secured privateproperty Fort Clayton area - one larceny of secured privateproperty Fort Clayton area - one larceny of unsecured government property Cocoll - one housebreaking Gorgas - one larceny of secured private property, one larceny of unsecured private property Atlantic None to report Commander in Chief George A.

Joulwan Director, Public Affairs James L. Fetig Chief Rolf Carter AssistantEditor Deborah E. Williams Sports Editor Army South Public Affairs Offioe Naval Station Public Afffri Omfce John "Gus" Hall Tropic Times Sports Editor In a world where natural disasters end lives and destroy millions of dollars worth of property, countries are at war and billions of people are starving, it seems kind of petty to complain about the trivial things in life like neighborhood dogs leaving a present in your yard. The people of South Florida, not long removed from the devastation Hurricane Andrew wrought, are still shaken.

Some will never recover- mentally or monetarily. Because of the great number of deaths during the civil war in what used to beYugoslavia, families are grieving in front of makeshift graves. It's so bad in Sarajevo, soccer fields are being used as burial grounds because the regular cemeteries are full. N Closer to home, chil-. Network in some areas. Who We don't see the child on the street We have places to voice our do you think they corer with torn "concern. People can call People who are hunger behind a Southern Command Network's well off - espe- layer of soot.

We Answer Line to talk to people respon- cially Americans - "Nothing to do but work, see them but we sible for anything from commissary to don't take much Nothing to eat but food, don't. By the way, these time to sit back and Nothing to wear but What we outlets can be used to help find realize how lucky clothes, To keep one from do see is blue solutions to problems instead of just they are.

Complain- going nude. They can ing about what they Ben F. King pink, TV reruns, also serve as a way to applaud good don't have comes The Pessimist no shopping malls, things that are going on.

Jobs give people self-worth. With sports car. Millionaire athletes want to Cinemax, Showtime, multiplex thea- employment comes family security, a be billionaires. Some of us but not least - no Home Shopping homes, swimming pools and more.


Nearly every base has recreation facilities, so people come to expect Rent-free housing and free utilities - are also taken for granted. How many SSFlorida and Hawaii residents would. Some of us complain about things like not having maid's quarters or a dishwasher. So the next time the neighbor's dog leaves a present in your front yard, the cable TV goes out or you can't find that new CD your stateside friend wrote you a letter about, pick up a newspaper and open your eyes. Dear Editor,, many wonderful people Bad mouth- Atlantic guides, companies and volunteers. If you and Jeannine Wilder wish, and if the recipi- I for one am ready to see it stop.

We need to get in the habit of saying thanks. Burt at the hospital, the craft shops, the commissary, et al? Dear Editor, For that matter, when's the last time anyone did? Thank you, your writers, staff, photographers for the Editors Note: James M. Burt, Medal of Honor "The question is not what a man can scorn, or dispar- fine articles this year which caused this proud veteran to recipient, was the guest of honor during Panama age, orfind fault with, but what he canlove, and value, be humble.

Fourth of July commemorations. Jeannine Wilder and appreciate. Dectos What good things can you say about being here? There is "The people are very and the tropical weather being away from home opportunity to coach nothing for military nice. Children and is good for outdoor liveable. Reuben Tull SrA. Willie David SSgt. Readers may submit commentaries -or responses to commentaries-to the Tropic Times. The staff reserves the right to edit for brevity, clarity and appropriateness. All submissions must be signed, but names will be withheld upon request. I I Sports n Tailback Paolo Ameglio rushed for of his team's yards, scoring once, and teammate split end Jerome Price added two more touchdowns to lead the Bulldogs to a victory over the Green Devils.

The Bulldogs remained the only un- defeated team in the Department of Defense Dependent Schools football league. The Green Devils fell to On the first play from scrimmage - 14 seconds into the game - Ameglio served notice to the Green Devils de- fense. He went off tackle and raced down the sideline for an yard score. Eric Holland converted his first of four extra point conversions and the Bulldogs led After the Green Devils offense stalled, the defense made things happen. On second and 10, linebacker Quint Underwood nailed Ameglio for a four-yard loss.

On third and long, Ameglio was held to a two-yard gain on a plunge, and the Bull- dogs were forced to punt. Green Devils tailback Wilbert Reese gave his team a spark with a yard touchdown on the punt return. The extra point attempt was blocked, and the Green Devils trailed After trading stalled drives with the Green Devils, the Bulldogs got on track. Ameglio connected with split end Ray- mond Morris on a flea flicker for a yard gain that put the Bulldogs deep in PCC territory.

On the nextplay, Ameglio paved the way for Price's first TD with a vicious block. The extra point was good and the Balboa led The Bulldogs defense came up with the big play on PCC's next possession. The PCC defense. After a bad punt, the Bulldogs took over in Green Devil territory with less than five minutes left in the first half. Knowing the PCC defense would key on Ameglio, the Bulldogs faked to him arid gave the ball to split back Alex Staton who rumbled for nine yards.

Ameglio added 10 more up the middle and was brought down at the yard line. Price scored on a sprint draw and the Bulldogs led at the half. In the second half, the Bulldogs con- tinued to use the big play to put points on the board. Tight end C. Howard scored on a yard reverse and Morris caught a U. Bulldogs head coach Vince Martinez was happy about his victory over the Green Devils, but said his team needs to improve to win tonight's game against the Curundu Cougars. Green Devils, Quinn Green Devils, Pohl , Wilson Penalties-yards Cougars 10 10 77 1 Tigers, Townsed , Acosta 43, Alvarez 1- minus 3.

Tigers, Alvarez Sport Shorts After all, how could a woman coach a men's team through three days of grueling play? When it was over, anyone wlio questioned Angela Newton's coaching skills had to feel silly, as her team captured the title Monday afternoon. Without a coach, the 41st lost its first game of the double-elimination tourney to the Downtown Express.

Realiz- ing they were a little disorganized, the 41st players decided they needed an experienced coach. So they called on Newton who coached most of them to victory in a recent tournament at Rodman Naval Station. Sheresponded by helping them pound out five straight wins. Newton's critics only added fuel to her fire. Her players looked good too- on the court that is. After beating the rd Support Battalion , TheSportsmen and Michelob Dry in the loser's bracket, the 41st got a chance to avenge its loss to the Express.

The Express led early, but lost the lead for good when the 41st's Melvin Turner caught fire. He scored on a feed from Reggie Milbry, nailed a hook shot and canned a three-pointer on consecu- tive possessions. Turner showed off his defensive prowess by stealing a Vince Duncan pass, dishing the ball to Danny Harley who scored and drew the foul.

The three-point play gave the 41st a 10 advantage and forced the Express to call timeout with left in the first half. The 41st expanded its lead to double digits - highlighted by Dale Christo- pher's trey - and led at the half. In the second half, the 41st pushed its lead to 21 in impressive fashion.

Christo- pher hit Milbry on a breakaway who followed through on a thundering dunk that electrified the crowd and gave the 41st a lead. Primus Campbell of the Express tried to duplicate Milbry's feat, but missed the jam badly. That pumped up the 41st fans even more, forcing the Express to call time and re- group. The break helped only the 41st as it coasted to a win, forcing an if game. In game two, the Express jumped out to a short-lived lead. A skyhook and a breakaway layup by 41st's Turner erased the only Express lead, just minutes into the first half.

The Express got close at 14, but Milbry quickly took the life out of the Express comeback with a second crowd-charging dunk. The 41st domi- nated the offensive boards, getting many second-chance shots and led at the half. Aristides Clarke's layup brought the Express within six, but was answered by another Christopher trey. With the 41st up by 10, Milbry hammeredthe final nail in the Express coffin. He scored on an outside jumper, dished a sweet pass to Andre Toussaint who scored and drew the foul, and hit Nathaniel Taylor for a fast breaklayup, extending the 41st lead to The Express tried to rally but the deficit was too much to recover from and bowed One of the competitors who didn't doubt Newton's coaching skills was Duncan of the Express.

Although Newton could have rubbed her victory in the faces of her doubters, she only praised her team.

Don't Kill cow.(2)

I'm thrilled for the fellas; they really deserved it. Taylor 2. Express 42 Butler 11, Clarke 10, Duncan 9, Moss 4. Campbell 3, Myrie 2, Pinillo 2, Moore 1. Sprint triathlon A sprint triathlon will be held Sunday beginning at Rodman Pool at 7 am. Events are a yard swim, a kilometer bike ride and 5-kilometer run. Register on race day from 6 to am.

Two- and three- person teams can enter. Biking helmets are mandatory. The two-person, best-ball event begins at am. There will be four flights. Handi- caps are as follows: "A"players with handicap; "B" players with handicap; "C" players with handicap and "D" players with 23 and above handicap. Teams can be chosen by golfers.

The team handicap will be 50 percent of the lowest golfer's handicap. For example, if one team member's handicap is 14 and the other is 16, the team handicap will be 7. Isthmian Roadrunners The Isthmian Roadrunners are sponsoring to upcom- ing races. A kilometer run will be begin 7 am.

A kilometer run will begin a. Call Ed McAleer at The Cowboys rebounded from their Monday night debacle a week ago against the Eagles by soundly spank- ing the Seahawks The Bills have dropped two in a row and have fallen farther behind the undefeated Dolphins. This week Buffalo gets some much needed rest with a bye.

Are the Dolphins walking away with the division title? Don't be so quick to concede, Bills fans. And finally, last week Gus pre- dicted that the Eagles would beat the Chiefs But he also wrote, "If the Eagles are going to lose in the first half of the season it will be in Arrow- head. In all fairness I have to give Gus credit for the correct pick on the game.

The season standings are: Gus , Buck San Francisco leads the series , and in those 50 games the 49ers have averaged 21 points per game to the Falcons' The Falcons have a history of winning when the 49ers take them for granted. If Atlanta has any dreams of winning this game they must shut down Steve Young's rushing attack.

Young had an off day last week with only 69 yards rushing. Look for a better week against the Blackbirds. In the 30 games these two teams have played, Houston has a advantage. The Oilers have outscored the Broncos by an average score of and nothing should stop them from repeating history. Denver is the worst team in history. Warren Moon has a target rich environment to work in.

Oilers 24, Broncos The series is tied at 1. Which team does San Francsco's Jerry Rice have his most career re- ceptions, yards and touchdowns against? Who had more yard passing games last season, Steve Young or Chris Miller? Since , who leadsthe Eagles- Redskins regular-season series? True or False. Dallasrunning back , with both teams at home. The average score between these teams is in the Cowboys' favor.

Both teams are in contention for their respective division title. The receivers should have a field day. Cowboys 27, Chiefs The Redskins are still celebrating last Monday night's bombing of Denver, Are the Skins for real? The Eagles' defense is stunning, and their secon- dary will be ready for Mark Rypien. The Redskins on the other hand, must win to stay alive for wildcard conten- tion. Washington has won 16 out of the last 20 games played against the Eagles in RFK Stadium by an average score of If the playoffs started today, the boys from D. Eagles 23, Redskins Da Bears lead the series Average score?

Tampa has won only one game in Chicago in the past 12 years in Mike Ditka will have his team fired up after their fiasco against Minnesota two weeks ago. The Bears blew a lead against the Vikings and lost Then, after a long, quiet plane ride home, they had a bye week last weekend. The Bears will be hungry and know that a loss to Tampa in front of the home fans will be the beginning of the end. Ditka's team will be ready.

Just Wondering...🤔 Part 3

Bears 23, Buccaneers Two teams are taking the week off: the Bills and Jets. Gus will be back next week to give you the games after conferring with Bobbie the Bookie. Could it be that Gus has outside help with his picks? Say it isn't so, Gus! Is it fair? Is the situation driving hoteliers out of business?

Has it died or just moved south? Should we be teaching our kids that the path to happiness is following this dream, or is it a perpetuated myth of exceptionalism and freedom? Finally, Corey welcomes expat blogger and photographer Scott Alexander. Corey and Scott talk about his recent article about the cost or living in Costa Rica and much more.

Is it really necessary as an expat in Costa Rica? We say yes, and you need to tune in to hear why. Next up is Dan Stevens from the Costa Rican times to talk about the developments in the Jairo Mora case and a conversation about his decision to move the newspaper offices to the beach. This week Corey speaks about crime and personal security in Costa Rica. Through his executive experience he has developed strong skills in evaluating and planning business solutions, corporate restructuring and executive coaching and consulting. Since leaving the Royal Bank of Canada he has occupied executive positions including: director, president, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operating officer and general manager in both private and public companies in North America.

Finally, Corey reconnects with expat author, Nadine Pisani. With the sequel out now, Nadine speaks to Corey about the secrets to finding happiness in Costa Rica — and finding that happiness internally. HGTV has approved a pilot for a potential reality show about expats selling it all in search of the dream of living in Costa Rica.

If the pilot special is well received by the American public on HGTV, then the network would purchase an entire season or 26 episodes, which could be a huge deal for real estate and tourism in general. The show will be somewhat like House Hunters International with a twist — a sole focus on Costa Rica and each show would feature two realtors and their set of clients looking to move to Costa Rica on a permanent basis and escape the U. Next up is a great conversation with fellow Canadian expat, Darren Friesen.

This week Corey responds to the countless emails and calls he receives in the studio about teaching English in Costa Rica. Up next is Alyssa Voegeli. Alyssa speaks about her many great experiences of teaching and living in Costa Rica as a professional English teacher. Finally, Corey welcomes Matthew Giles.

Matthew started his global teaching career as many do — in Costa Rica. After teaching both adults and children in Costa Rica, Matthew moved on to teach in the Philippines and throughout Asia. This week Corey addresses the President of Costa Rica threatening defamation law suits against those who speak ill of her in social media outlets. Later, Dan Stevens from the Costa Rica Times opens dialogue on the difficulties of doing business in Costa Rica and the value of holding a corporation, or S.

Finally, Corey welcomes back to the program Kelly Mason to speak more about her project and film, Pave the Road. With the project set to start, the municipality plans to as yet another great amenity to this growing beach community. Soon to be the biggest employer in the region, a destination in and of itself for tourists and locals alike and without a doubt, the most dramatic design and architectural wonder on the Central Pacific Coast.

This week Corey interviews expat real estate agent, David Karr. David has been living and working in Costa Rica as an agent for 8 years. This week, David provides 5 Tips for home and condo owners to consider after making their purchase. What will this mean for the community and Costa Rica overall? Thanks for listening, and get all the show notes and information at www.

Corey and Andrew briefly cover some of the program benefits and value in this certification when seeking work abroad. For the second segment, Dan Stevens of the Costa Rican Times chimes in with his take on the murder of environmental activist and turtle conservationist, Jairo Mora Sandoval. Corey and Dan then touch on the money laundering scandal surrounding Liberty Reserve, and its consequences here in Costa Rica. Next up is Location Independent graphics designer and blogger, Erin Morris. Erin writes about working, traveling, exploring the culture, and living in Costa Rica. What are the consequence and benefits of having a sister to the legendary hotel and casino on the beach?

Tune in to find out! For more info on the show, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter! The program covers a wide variety of expat matters in Costa Rica. This program is targeted specifically at listeners who are on the cusp of making the move to Costa Rica as retirees, expat workers, small business owners… or, simply for those with a taste for adventure and the financial means to live their dreams. Listeners tune in to reinforce and finalize their imminent move by talking live with experienced experts.

In an atmosphere that resembled a national holiday for Costa Ricans, U. President Barack Obama met with Central American leaders and promised closer links to the region on security, energy and trade policy. On that subject, the conversation of sex tourists is one worth having as it represents a considerable source of revenue for Costa Rica on the whole.

He and his partners are raising funds to produce a new type of travel documentary demonstrating a deeper connection to the country and cultures, often done on the cheap! This week Corey talks about the return of the rainy season in Costa Rica. For the second hour, Lisle Head swings by the broadcast studio to share with Corey the happenings of Jaco Beach during its busiest time of year.

With an influx of families hitting the beaches for this vacation, the government of Costa Rica continues to ban alcohol sales during the holidays.

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  7. Dan Stevens from the Costa Rican Times chimes in on the holiday. Undersea Hunter employee, Alan Steenstrup, calls in the chat about the scuba and submarine tours offered in Costa Rica. From our inception, we have specialized in diving expeditions on board the adventure and research vessels Sea Hunter and Undersea Hunter. With a full global reach and the addition in of the DeepSee submersible and her mothership Argo, this vision has been extended to the deep ocean environment and continues to encompass film as well as numerous scientific missions.

    Last, but certainly not least, Brenda from the Samara Info Center calls in talk about his popular expat and vacation destination. With perfect Samara Weather and at 9. If you are interested in spending time on the beach with your toes in the sand or sitting and watching the waves roll in while having great conversations with new friends consider yourself at home. Want to be a guest or sponsor of the show? Send us an email at info thisweekincostarica.

    Becoming and Expat with Author Shannon Enete. Advocacy for Expats and Foreign Residents. Spanish Courses and Volunteering in Costa Rica. Anti Aging and Wellness. Bitcoin in Costa Rica. My Tan Feet Travel Blog. Health Insurance in Costa Rica. Immigration, Residency, and Visas. Expats in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste. Andrew Henderson — The Nomad Capitalist. Renouncing U. A Show about Nothing. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Lifestyle Design Hacks in Costa Rica. Teaching English in Costa Rica. Now What? Location Independent.

    Moving to Costa Rica. Whether you decide on Colombia or not, this is the resource that includes all the things we wish someone had told us before we began spending time and money in far-flung and exotic places. Whether you decide on Nicaragua or not, this is the resource that includes all the things we wish someone had told us before we began spending time and money in far-flung and exotic places.

    Whether you decide on Ecuador or not, this is the resource that includes all the things we wish someone had told us before we began spending time and money in far-flung and exotic places. Jorge Hidalgo, Belize Healthcare Partners. Hear about the pluses of living and retiring overseas… and the minuses, too… the hurdles and the challenges you should know about and how to overcome them…. Our Retire Overseas Home Conference Kit is the most comprehensive resource out there and includes the all-new bundle of expert presentation recordings from our recent Retire Overseas Conference.

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    Dont Kill The Cow Too Quick: An Ex-Pats Adventures Homesteading in Panama (Revised Edition)
    Dont Kill The Cow Too Quick: An Ex-Pats Adventures Homesteading in Panama (Revised Edition)
    Dont Kill The Cow Too Quick: An Ex-Pats Adventures Homesteading in Panama (Revised Edition)
    Dont Kill The Cow Too Quick: An Ex-Pats Adventures Homesteading in Panama (Revised Edition)
    Dont Kill The Cow Too Quick: An Ex-Pats Adventures Homesteading in Panama (Revised Edition)
    Dont Kill The Cow Too Quick: An Ex-Pats Adventures Homesteading in Panama (Revised Edition)
    Dont Kill The Cow Too Quick: An Ex-Pats Adventures Homesteading in Panama (Revised Edition)

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