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To get started, we will ask that you fill out our brief questionnaire below and we'll set up a meet and greet for the dog s you are interested in. When you are ready to move forward with the adoption, we will arrange a home delivery to help you get settled in with the newest member of your family.

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Resources, support, and education are always available, and you can expect an extensive level of knowledge and support from ACPB for the lifetime of your dog. This non-taxdeductible contribution assists us in continuing our mission to help more dogs in need. We serve the Los Angeles area and parts of Southern California. Regrettably, we do not have the resources to adopt out of state.


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Guapo eagerly meets volunteers with a big body wiggle, and is ready for whatever the day has in store. We first met Pepper at the East Valley shelter with her tiny sproutling puppies. She knows a thing or two about navigating the world, and now she needs a partner! His goofy, sweet demeanor will keep you entertained, and his chill energy level will make him an easy addition to your routine--a stroll around the neighborhood is all he needs to feel satisfied for the morning!

Wyatt is a future dog-about-town--all he needs is his human sidekick to get the adventures started! This sweet boy joined us from the North Central shelter and has made quick work of befriending all of volunteers. He impresses everyone he meets with his leash walking skills and eagerness to be a Very Good Boy, checking in for treats and affection. I don't feel comfortable depositing this check in my account. I am going through this right now. Has there been any update about what happened? Or who is doing this and what kind of scam this is? These people use very professional website and everything seems legit till you make your payment!

Then all the red flags pop up and you are screwed. Then all you get are texts from the so-called company that won't answer phone calls in 3 diffrent states. And all have strange recordings asking for your name! Even from the "seller".

I had never heard of puppy scams until it was too late!! Recently my husband and I were victims of a puppy scam I thought I had done my research until the day the puppy was to be delivered. I refused and told him to get it from the breeder. I tried contacting the breeder and NO response. The shipper again texted me and said if I don't sent the money ASAP he would take the puppy to the pound and he would not be responsible for what happens to him. I told just return the puppy to the breeder and he said, you owned the puppy so pay the money and I will ship her Long story short I told him I would be calling the States Atty, local authories and anyone else.

The shipper texted back and said, don't do nothing let me get back to you.

Small Dog Names - Ideas For Naming Your Little Puppy

I have heard nothing this happened on Sunday, October 4. I am out my money and it is very disappointing because I thought these were deceit people and there website is so, so professional. Never again, if I can't touch, feel the puppy I don't buy it. Hopefully they catch this group. This happened to me today. I sent to Tulsa for my wirehaired pointer Western Union. I was called and told I needed to pay more dollars for a climate crate and insurance. I said no and now short and no puppy.

I live very close to Tulsa, I would love to check this out for you and find out if this is a scammer. This makes me sick. I am in the process of looking for a special type of dog and they all come from either Europe or Russia. I am very skeptical. Anyone that needs a dog checked out in my area, please contact me, I can go take a look at it and make sure it is legit. Im sorry this happened to you. Yes this just happened to me. While I was looking online on FB in one of the Animals to purchase groups, this man named, Brian Blu offered to give me a Yorkshire Terrier for free stating he had two pups, a boy and a girl that he needed to find a good home for.

Well I bought it and ended up giving an Amazon gift card online for 80 bucks for the delivery fee to send the pup to me. He said he was in another state. Soon as I paid this way, he acted like he had taken the pup down to the shipment facility and when he got there, now they were requiring a dollar fee to protect the puppy for safety, and part of it was for a specialized crate to keep the pup warm.

That is when I finally woke up and realized that he was a scammer. For one he wouldn't give me any of his info like his address, phone or email but he duped me into giving all of mine. Plus he kept hammering about making sure that I buy an Amazon card in cash. Now, I am so mad about it. I just fell for something like this. This is real people. I did some research and this lady has been doing this for months. We really need to stop these people. She said it will take maybe years to get the money for the puppy back. I was just scammed on a pug puppy supposedly out of Seattle and it is very emberassing but you are not alone.

I am retired and they were o so convincing will hurt our christmas. I cannot fathom why this is allowed to continue over the internet. Once I refused to pay the threats just kept on coming. Funny they will not disclose the location of the puppy prior to shipping so I can go get it. The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. You can also report it to the Washington State Attorney General. Did she say she has cancer which is why she's giving the pup up? My sister received email from someone saying she was from Indiana, has a 8 week teacup yorkie, claimed she didn't want any money.

Couldn't talk on phone because she has throat cancer how convenient, no phone number to trace. My sister offered to go down and pick it up and have not heard a word back since then. No money exchanged hands anyway. Another one Scammers abound! I emailed spokan police see what they might know , thanks a lot. Hello, I was wondering if you ever found out anything? I started dealing with these people today. Was wondering if they were legit or not.

I just received an email from a Camille and John, did you ever find out if they are truly scammers? Said this is there last litter and wanted to give them away to folks who would give them loving forever homes. They went on to ask questions of me in the email such as 'Have you ever owned a dog? Are you employed? Do you live near a vet hospital? My very first thought was 'wow,,, how nice and yes I am very interested but after sleeping on it i woke up thinking this has got to be a scam.

Interested in knowing if anyone found out if they are truly scammers. Luckily I was able to find a Yorkie near me today :. No money exchanged, but a legit looking website called "CJ" posted teacup pomeranian puppies out of Minnesota. No way would we chance that. Later, we found the same puppies listed on other websites under different names and genders. I am reporting them. Just like CBrumley above my family found some teacup yorkie puppies on.

We texted the number and they sent an email. Here is one of the pictures that was sent with the email The email address was AliciaWalker I noticed right away that this is a complete scam. Do not fall for this! Thanks for posting this. We were contacting Alicia Walker about toy poodle puppies. Thanks for the warning. I fell for this website advertising cute maltese puppies. I knew then that I was being taken. Now they are threatening me with abandoning a puppy.

The website is amazingmaltesepups They should be shut down. Ive been looking at English Bulldogs. And today I have had 2 different people claim they have puppies for sale. One man claims to be a Morgan Willaims and he could have the dog delivered to me. When I said I would drive 3 hours to pic up, he said he would discuss it with the family. He's moving to Ontario to work at Sams Club.

I know I wont here from him. The other claims to have 4 pups his name was James Scott. It advertised pups in my town but when we communicated he now claims his mother died in Utah and they were her pups. Ive bought 2 dogs years ago online. Legit people have a whole sight about their dogs and available litters.


You receive documentation on the dogs before purchase. Use PayPal for the purchase. Ive had 3 dogs that have flown to their new homes. Check with airlines as to cost of flying an animal with a certified crate. Good luck to people trying to buy online today. I just lost for a yorkie cuz I wouldn't pay for insurance to be shipped to me. Just got off at text a few minutes ago where I soon realized something was wrong. Offering pedigree Shih Tzu puppies for only the cost of the shipping.

Fell hook line and sinker for the scam until I got to thinking. I asked for a picture of the puppies with a piece of paper with my name written on it. Made them so mad. Ranting about how he was a Christian "Personlity" and all I needed was to trust him.

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I replied that as a sister in Christ I just needed a little reassurance. He replied that he had just dropped them off at the shipper 2 days ago and is waiting for my shipping info. Funny, I only spoke with him one day ago. I will continue to do whatever I can to get this name and number out so he takes no one else. What was the name of the place you were buying and shipping the puppy? I am interested in one and don't want to be scammed. Another way to weed out scanners is to tell them you want to come to them to pick up your puppy and will pay then..

Contacted me.

350 Cute Names for Dogs 350 Cute Names for Dogs
350 Cute Names for Dogs 350 Cute Names for Dogs
350 Cute Names for Dogs 350 Cute Names for Dogs
350 Cute Names for Dogs 350 Cute Names for Dogs
350 Cute Names for Dogs 350 Cute Names for Dogs
350 Cute Names for Dogs 350 Cute Names for Dogs
350 Cute Names for Dogs 350 Cute Names for Dogs

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