Why Cant I Be You: A Novel

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When you later write your book proposal, this sentence should appear very early in the proposal. So make the best one you can! Step 2 Take another hour and expand that sentence to a full paragraph describing the story setup, major disasters, and ending of the novel. This is the analog of the second stage of the snowflake. Each of the disasters takes a quarter of the book to develop and the ending takes the final quarter. If you believe in the Three-Act structure, then the first disaster corresponds to the end of Act 1. The second disaster is the mid-point of Act 2.

The third disaster is the end of Act 2, and forces Act 3 which wraps things up. Things just get worse and worse. You can also use this paragraph in your proposal. Ideally, your paragraph will have about five sentences.

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One sentence to give me the backdrop and story setup. Then one sentence each for your three disasters. Then one more sentence to tell the ending. This paragraph summarizes the whole story.


6 Reasons Why You Still Can’t Finish Your Story

Your back-cover copy should summarize only about the first quarter of the story. Step 3 The above gives you a high-level view of your novel. Now you need something similar for the storylines of each of your characters. Characters are the most important part of any novel, and the time you invest in designing them up front will pay off ten-fold when you start writing.

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For each of your major characters, take an hour and write a one-page summary sheet that tells:. Go ahead! This is good—it means your characters are teaching you things about your story. The purpose of each step in the design process is to advance you to the next step. Keep your forward momentum! You can always come back later and fix it when you understand the story better.

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Step 4 By this stage, you should have a good idea of the large-scale structure of your novel, and you have only spent a day or two. If the story is broken, you know it now, rather than after investing hours in a rambling first draft. So now just keep growing the story. Take several hours and expand each sentence of your summary paragraph into a full paragraph. All but the last paragraph should end in a disaster. The final paragraph should tell how the book ends.

This is a lot of fun, and at the end of the exercise, you have a pretty decent one-page skeleton of your novel. What matters is that you are growing the ideas that will go into your story. You are expanding the conflict. You should now have a synopsis suitable for a proposal, although there is a better alternative for proposals.

Step 5 Take a day or two and write up a one-page description of each major character and a half-page description of the other important characters. As always, feel free to cycle back to the earlier steps and make revisions as you learn cool stuff about your characters. Editors love character synopses, because editors love character-based fiction. Step 6 By now, you have a solid story and several story-threads, one for each character. Now take a week and expand the one-page plot synopsis of the novel to a four-page synopsis.

Basically, you will again be expanding each paragraph from step 4 into a full page.

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This is a lot of fun, because you are figuring out the high-level logic of the story and making strategic decisions. Here, you will definitely want to cycle back and fix things in the earlier steps as you gain insight into the story and new ideas whack you in the face. Step 7 Take another week and expand your character descriptions into full-fledged character charts detailing everything there is to know about each character. The standard stuff such as birthdate, description, history, motivation, goal, etc.

Most importantly, how will this character change by the end of the novel? This is an expansion of your work in step 3 , and it will teach you a lot about your characters. This is good — great fiction is character-driven. When you have finished this process, and it may take a full month of solid effort to get here , you have most of what you need to write a proposal. If you are a published novelist, then you can write a proposal now and sell your novel before you write it.

Step 8 You may or may not take a hiatus here, waiting for the book to sell. Before you do that, there are a couple of things you can do to make that traumatic first draft easier.

Who Says You Can't? You Do : Daniel Chidiac :

And the easiest way to make that list is. For some reason, this is scary to a lot of writers. Oh the horror. Deal with it. You learned to use a word-processor. Spreadsheets are easier. You need to make a list of scenes, and spreadsheets were invented for making lists. If you need some tutoring, buy a book. There are a thousand out there, and one of them will work for you.

It should take you less than a day to learn the itty bit you need. I find resistance incredibly useful. The self-doubt and form of our expression that is woven into every process of creating something from within us will be within your creation. Not many people can do that. Ask and you shall receive… yep. All the research is done and I work on it sporadically since last year. But this massive, and dense, wall of Resistance is active and very effective. Do I really want to write this book? Not really… but I have to. But the young lady told me, after a few weeks, that she decided to abandon the project.

I grinned and laughed: I was happy that the book helped her but no need to say that I was stunned at the same time. But at that time, since my energy was very low, I decided to put it aside. That was and I never touched it again. But I doubt it.

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That it has its reasons to be, that I need to strip the layers and become the best version of myself during the process. And that is where, I think, Resistance loves to operate. Thanks to you, Steve, I feel I now have an ally who understands the process. An ally on whom I may lean on from time to time. And an ally who will help me kick my butt when needed.

Many thanks for your great work. And to all, best of success with your project! Well described. Until it is done, we worry how do I do it. Once it is done, we think how did I do it. It repeats every time. The fear of the threat is usually more dangerous than the pain experienced from the actual situation. Seth Godin, post-Yoyodyne.

Posted in Writing Wednesdays. Begin today Start with this War of Art [minute] mini-course. I already have a copy. Mary Doyle on May 15, at am. Matthew Lutz on May 15, at am. Joe Jansen on May 15, at am. Julie on May 15, at am. Also, I am currently reading The Knowledge. So, good! Graham Glover on May 15, at am. Mitch on May 15, at am. Graham Glover on May 15, at pm.

Graham Glover on June 1, at pm.

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Here it is. SJ Grogan on May 15, at am. Laura Barnett on May 15, at am. Always insightful and encouraging! Thanks, Steve. You are my hero. Nicoletta on May 15, at am. Graham Lawrence on May 16, at am. Ken Robertson on May 15, at am. Joe on May 15, at am. WHEW thanks for the smack in my face today will be the death of my procrastination. Mia Sherwood Landau on May 15, at am. Gigi Blackshear on May 15, at am. Ellen on May 26, at am. Noelle Davis on May 15, at am. Thank you for the reminder Steve, I really needed it! Michelle on May 15, at am. So keep it coming Steve and team.

Stu Lloyd on May 15, at pm. Jule Kucera on May 15, at pm. When only the characters narrate the story, their reminiscences can fall flat. Music can dig , you know? We think: Wow, O. We start to feel the feelings of Daisy and Billy, and we forget the nagging question about who is telling this story anyway?

And when we finally find out, we might cry a few unironic tears. Log In.

Why Cant I Be You: A Novel Why Cant I Be You: A Novel
Why Cant I Be You: A Novel Why Cant I Be You: A Novel
Why Cant I Be You: A Novel Why Cant I Be You: A Novel
Why Cant I Be You: A Novel Why Cant I Be You: A Novel
Why Cant I Be You: A Novel Why Cant I Be You: A Novel
Why Cant I Be You: A Novel Why Cant I Be You: A Novel

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