Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)

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A Mummy For His Daughter (Mills & Boon Medical) - Ltd Fler böcker av Amy Ruttan

You need to get to know the person first and truly connect with them before you even might reach a level of thinking you feel safe in their hands. For some it takes years for others it can happen in weeks, however long it make take there is always the threat of an event taking place that could destroy that perfect feeling-safe-bubble, and trying to mend it might end up in more heartache then happiness. In this read from author Amy Ruttan we meet Charlotte, once upon at time she had it all with I-need-you-so-much- Quinn, they were happy and expecting their very own little miracle.

Yes, they both had to learn to adjust to the idea but it seemed to be going well,until the hands of fate took it all away.

Quinn walks away never to be seen again but Charlotte does not lie down and admit defeat, she gets up and fights back to make a success of her life and not wallow over the baby or man she lost. But now she needs his help to save her best friends baby. Brining him back also means she will be bringing back into her life all the feelings of hurt and anger right along with all the memories of long hot passionate nights. But she is much stronger this time around and she can do this, she has no other choice. That is until she sees him, and all hope is lost.

Can she convince him to stay this time or will she be the one running? The character of Charlotte was a true heroine. Totally loved that touch Amy! Ireland Only. European Union. Show only see all Show only. Free postage. Completed listings. Sold listings. More refinements Additional navigation. With over novels being released each month, you will not be short of amazing stories to read. Sexual with reflection on intense relationships, their shared feeling and desires Medical Romance - Contemporary romance set in a medical environment Modern Tempted - Novels aimed at the younger reader.

Amazon Kindle. Sony Reader. Kobo Reader. PC or Mac. For a full list of my rating scale click on Intro here. FBI agent Joanna was as beautiful and secretive as ever, but insisted on keeping their past — and their passion — where it belonged.. This includes her one true love Ethan. Now Joanna has to put herself in more than one difficult situation than she would like, including needing to rely on the help of Ethan considering how she left him more than 10 years previously, she was unsure how it was going to play out.

Ethan is an exceptional tracker and understands the mountains on the reservation more than anyone. I loved this book. It was great. It tied in with the previous one Collecting Evidence by Rita Herron - However, I did notice quite a few mistakes with characters and plot when reading it. This still didn't stop me from enjoying the story. This is perfect for any intrigue, suspense, crime, romantic fans!

The characters were sweet and likeable.

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I loved to see the story both unfold finding out about the past and develop between the two main characters in the story - Joanna and Ethan. There was personal struggle for Joanna having to relive her past as well as dealing with what is going on in the present. Julie Miller has followed the footsteps of Rita Herron and has continued on with the story that I first read in 'Collecting Evidence'. Although Julie has managed to maintain the characters and the basic structure of Rita's original story, she has put her own personal spin on it and turned concepts from 'Collecting Evidence' into her own.

Bravo, Julie Miller!

Safe in His Hands by Amy Ruttan (Paperback, 2013)

My Rating I thought this book was great. I truly liked how Julie tied in characters and the structure from Rita's 'Collecting Evidence', but I did get a little disappointed that there were some mistakes made by Julie. This for me, only kind of spoilt the story - ever so slightly. However, considering the general story and how everything developed, I have to rate this with a 4 out of 5.

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Check out the Intro page for my full rating scale. Until Dylan has to leave to go work undercover. Months pass before they cross paths again.

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Marry him! May 24 by Romance. Must Reads , Pop Culture Recaps. Sneak Peeks.

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Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical) Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)
Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical) Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)
Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical) Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)
Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical) Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)
Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical) Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)
Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical) Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)
Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical) Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)
Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical) Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)
Safe in His Hands (Mills & Boon Medical)

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