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It doesn't feel like an epic though. Kinoshita's handling of the material is quite intimate and refreshing, never vying for our emotions.

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It is also very socially relevant. Kinoshita is a magnificent director, and he sweeps in with his characteristic idiosyncratic music suiting the mood of each piece. In this case, it is a feisty Spanish-influenced guitar recounting inglorious legend. Just as Kinoshita is a versatile director, Hideko Takamine, his muse since her days as a child star, is a versatile actor.

So conventionally framed. Bewegende, bittere und schauspielerisch eindrucksvoll gespielte Familienchronik, die mit dem brillanten Einsatz von Flamenco-Musik in manchen Szenen eine eindrucksvolle Dynamik erzeugt. This is a beautiful film, in lush black-and-white.

There is a lot of room in the frame to feel a part of this small town and the farmers and landlords who inhabit it. It starts off very Shakespearean and tragic, then as the years pass and it becomes ever more tragic, it starts to repeat beats and even dialogue. Maybe that's the point, that all this life hadn't been lived past a certain point, and that these 3 characters were simply stick in a time warp, getting physically older but never growing or moving to the other side of their pasts.

A bit slow, instead of dramatically urgent, which it promised early on, but with some nice moments throughout and strong acting. Tatsuya Nakadai plays another monotone asshole, surprise surprise.

Immortal Beloved

Not my favorite Kinoshita film. Heibei doesn't care, and when Sadako refuses his advances, he rapes her. Takashi comes home from combat just in time to find out that Heibei has taken Sadako's virginity. Meanwhile, his father browbeats Sadako's father into handing her over in marriage, lest he lose his land.

Takashi and Sadako decide to run away together, but at the last second he backs out, believing that Sadako will be happier as the wife of a lord.

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He is wrong. Instead, Heibei and Sadako are left in a bitter, loveless marriage.

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Immortal Love Immortal Love
Immortal Love Immortal Love
Immortal Love Immortal Love
Immortal Love Immortal Love
Immortal Love Immortal Love
Immortal Love Immortal Love

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