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Imprint Data privacy. The front row conducts some 40, volts of electricity— times the voltage delivered to the average house, and enough energy to strip the electrons off ample nitrogen atoms hanging in the atmosphere. When that happens, the nitrogen atoms turn into positively charged ions. Because the back row of metal filaments carries a negative charge, the ions careen toward it like magnetized billiard balls.

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That shoves the air molecules toward the back of the plane, creating a wind that pushes the plane forward fast and hard enough to fly. Before this aircraft, he says, nobody had created a system that could convert power from a lightweight battery efficiently enough to generate sufficient voltage for the thrusters. Steve [Barrett] found a clever way to get that efficient conversion.

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Finally Barrett used a computer model to get the most out of every design element in the aircraft, from the thruster and electrical system designs to the wires that ran through the plane. We had to make hundreds of changes. The breakthrough offers a great proof of concept showing ion thrusters can be used on Earth, says Alec Gallimore, an aerospace engineer at the University of Michigan who was not involved with the work.

But any such use would likely be in limited capacities. Propellers and jets are still far more efficient than the ion wind thrusters Barrett demonstrated, making it unlikely that passenger planes would switch over anytime soon. It keeps the universe in perspective for me.

Nov 12, Stephen Lee added it. Silence works. May 07, Hunter Smith rated it it was amazing. Stuart Wilde is my Favourite author. His writings and legacy have utterly transformed my life for the better. His books, CDs, Audios are 5 Star material and can be found www. Aug 06, Andrea rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star-favorites. One of the best little truly little books I ever read. Time well spent. May 20, Christine Lee rated it it was amazing.

Stuart Wilde has a style that teaches us something small in his humourous ways about his philosphy on life and spiritualism.

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Aug 30, samuel johnson rated it it was amazing. There are several selections in this book that are brilliantly simple. Take care to read for understanding. Definiately a book worth reading over. I did not like the content of the book which lacked any scientific basis or reasoning to back up the claims presented.

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Apr 28, Dr. Shaikha rated it really liked it. The knowledge you never speak of is silent power. View 1 comment. Feb 25, Gail Hatcher rated it it was amazing. Great thoughts about spirituality and who we are. Dec 07, Nikita T. Mitchell rated it did not like it. Not my cup of tea. Aug 27, T. I read this in college and was having a tough time in my life so this kind of helped me through though I can't really say I fully believe in it now. It is great brain practice.

Silent and Simple Ion Engine Powers a Plane with No Moving Parts

Mar 18, Ray rated it did not like it Shelves: fiction. Useles mumbo jumbo. Too mystical for me.

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  5. Jan 05, Greg Younger rated it it was amazing. A good way to get in touch. To get real. Apr 04, Elaine Jarzabski rated it really liked it. Nov 13, Coco rated it did not like it. White male appropriation of non-white spiritual beliefs. So much condescension in so few pages.

    Patrico Suave rated it liked it Mar 21, Ravenspiritsong rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Andrea rated it it was amazing Apr 21,

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