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After the duel, you'll meet Reyes at his office in Tartarus, Kadara's local watering hole.

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He's happy you decided to help him and will offer to let the Initiative build an outpost there — something that Sloane was very opposed to. So ultimately, you get what you want, but you did sort of have to stab someone who trusted you in the back in order to get it. You also don't really have a lot of guarantee that Vidal won't make a heel turn on you at some point in the future, but you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right?

If you opt to do your due diligence where Sloane is concerned, you can tackle her to the ground with an R2 in order to save her from the sniper shot, at which point she'll get up and shoot Reyes's gun from his hands. Like you would after your plan to assassinate the leader of a smuggling port goes awry, Reyes opts to book it further into the cave and Sloane yells at you to go after him.

Do so, and you'll get a second R2 prompt as Reyes gets on his escape shuttle: you can try to shoot him as he turns his back to you. Do so and you'll clip him, causing a force field to envelop him as he escapes. Opt not to shoot him and he gets away unhampered, causing Sloane to be a little annoyed with you.

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Regardless of what you decide to do with Reyes as he escapes, Sloane is appreciative of your valor in her own way. What's important is that High Noon has the feel of real time.

  1. How ‘Commie’ writer turned ‘High Noon’ into subversive Hollywood hit.
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  6. What's the Big Deal?: High Noon () - MTV.

It introduces a deadline, then constantly reminds us of how much time remains before the deadline arrives. The "ticking clock" scenario is popular in fiction, especially when used by criminals: You have 24 hours to deliver the ransom money; a bomb will go off in 90 minutes; etc. Very few movies before High Noon had been told in real time -- Alfred Hitchcock's Rope was one -- and indeed, according to Webster's dictionary , the term "real time" wasn't even coined until The real-time TV show 24 bore a remarkable resemblance to High Noon.

Where High Noon would keep showing us clocks to remind us of the looming deadline, 24 would simply put the current time on the screen. I was most fascinated to notice that at High Noon 's climactic moment -- the arrival of the train -- the film cuts to all the different characters, spread throughout the town, each responding in a different way, as the music becomes more intense.

That's exactly what happened near the end of each episode of 24 , except that 24 would use split-screen to show them all at once. Here's the scene from High Noon. High Noon was part of a new breed of Western, the kind that didn't have a lot of gunfighting, and where there weren't any marauding Indians. David A. Cook writes in A History of Narrative Film :. The heroic, idealized, epic Western of John Ford and his imitators remained popular in the s but was gradually replaced by what was called the 'adult Western. What to look for: One thing you should try not to look at is the fact that Gary Cooper is 50 years old and Grace Kelly, playing his wife, is Hard not to notice, though.

Cooper was in poor health anyway, and director Fred Zinnemann filmed him without makeup so that the character's worries would be more visible. Will Kane is unquestionably a hero, and unquestionably right.

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His name is Will; his first dialogue is "I do": This is a man who does things, who will do things, who does not allow the right thing to go undone. Given the film's many possible interpretations, it's enlightening to try to keep all of them in mind when you watch it. Foreman's liberal anti-HUAC view is easy to spot, but it's far from overwhelming. In fact, you could make a case for the film being quite conservative , as Manfred Wiedhorn does, if only for rhetorical purposes, in this essay :.

It shows a community cast into fear and trembling by a criminal justice system that lacks the will to put dangerous men away for good, either by capital punishment or by life sentences without parole. In numerous camera shots, an anguished Gary Cooper is seen walking the streets of the town, worried, even fearful, over the upcoming rendezvous and frustrated by the cowardice of the townspeople.

Here you have -- the movie implies repeatedly -- the results of liberal social experimentation. Even the local judge is hightailing it, lest Frank Miller wreak vengeance on him for passing sentence. If what Will Kane is doing is definitely "right," then notice the varying degrees of "wrongness" exhibited by the other characters.

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Some flat-out refuse to help him. One man says he'll help -- "I was hoping people would feel that way," Will says; "What other way is there? He only wants to do the "right thing" when success is guaranteed, when there is safety in numbers. Moreover, it turns out there are people in town who aren't on Will Kane's side at all, friends of Frank Miller who think the marshal brought his problems on himself and "needs some comeuppance. Then there's Will's wife, a Quaker and a pacifist, both for religious and practical reasons.

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  • Her brother and father fought in the Civil War. Her point of view is understandable, though eventually she makes concessions that go along with the conservative interpretation. The same concessions were required of anti-killing types in the recent Rambo and The A - Team. Viewers with disabilities can get assistance accessing this station's FCC Public Inspection File by contacting the station with the information listed below. Questions or concerns relating to the accessibility of the FCC's online public file system should be directed to the FCC at , TTY , or fccinfo fcc.

    Public File Liaison: Mandy Riske It will be from a.

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    Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2) Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2)
    Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2) Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2)
    Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2) Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2)
    Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2) Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2)
    Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2) Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2)
    Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2) Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2)
    Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2) Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2)
    Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2) Noon High (Dire Calls Book 2)

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