1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)

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Urban Transport. Porsche and Boeing team up on urban air mobility project. Lunaz to give classic luxury cars an all-electric make-over. Slipstream superyacht packs huge fold-out beach club.

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Autonomous pod to transport athletes around Tokyo Olympics. Search Query Submit Search.

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Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn. The Arcadia A85S. View 25 Images. The A85S is spacious, both above and below deck. We'd be careful of using the overhanging balcony in rough weather. One of the undercover outdoor areas on the Arcadia A85S.

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  • Arcadia A85S cruises on diesel, floats on solar power;
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  • Sextus Propertius: The Love Elegies;
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  • The devil is in the detail on superyachts like the A85S. The solar array on the Arcadia A85S.


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    Yet another space to relax on the A85S. The kitchen in the A85S.

    Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

    Behind the wheel of the A85S. The eight-seat dining table in the Arcadia A85S. There's plenty of space to relax outdoors on the Arcadia A85S. Tags Marine Yachts Photovoltaic Superyacht. Scott Collie. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Scott grew up with a passion for cars and a love of writing. He now combines the two by covering all things automotive for New Atlas. Sign in to post a comment. The "no sharp corners to bang against" concept could be expanded. Interesting juxtaposition of styles. Far too much glitz inside the personal spaces, beautifully and smartly appointed in the public areas, with a bit of an ugly duckling for a profile.

    I wonder how -many- hundreds of millions of dollars those will cost. Latest Stories.

    1. Steve Palchuk!
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    3. King of the North: The Dragon Awakens!

    Atlantic sport tender is like an aquatic Bugatti. Sanlorenzo presents award-winning meter yacht. Wallypower superyacht concept erases line between indoors and out. Tankoa opts for a vertical bow on its next-gen superyacht. Metal Shark and Sea Machines launch autonomous patrol boat. Sinot's hydrogen-powered Aqua superyacht concept. With the assist of Angor Rot, they battle Jim, who manages to take them out almost flawlessly, thanks to his new troll abilities. Jim manages to seduce Angor as Gunmar throws him aside, calling him weak.

    Gunmar finally pins Jim down, expressing his disdain of a human boy wearing a troll's armor and now shares his kind's skin. He then tries to turn Jim with his blade, but the Trollhunter fights back with his strength of will and shoves the blade away. When Gunmar lunges at Jim, he reacts by summoning his Eclipse Blade and slices through the Skullcrusher's body.

    His body begins to turn to stone while the explosion eliminates the rest of his Gumm-Gumm Army. Jim avenging his surrogate brother, Draal shoves Gunmar's stone body off of the roof and he watches as it shatters on impact with the ground, finally ending Gunmar's century-year-old reign of tyranny once and for all. Gunmar makes a brief cameo appearance in " Lightning in a Bottle " when Krel watches a security footage of Jim battling Gunmar who was actually Otto Scaarbach. He lost his right eye which is now one of his lifeblood stones from his battle with Orlagk the Oppressor , the Gumm-Gumm warlord.

    He has two large horns on his head which span out big. His skins glow in a bright teal colored design. He has yellow teeth and what appears to be black hair. A psychopathic and ruthless tyrant, Gunmar has made it his life goal to dominate both the Dark Realm with Earth and dominate all of Trollkind.

    Jim Lake Jr.

    In addition, despite the Janus Order helping him regain his full strength and his army, he merely saw them as tools and even exterminates the Changeling members, just because he thought that they served their purpose and he never saw them as equals of trolls in the first place. In fact, Gunmar's extreme prejudice against Changelings is what causes Nomura and Stricklander to see the error of their ways. However, unlike Morgana, he is not without honor as he wouldn't kill someone who is weak and in despair.

    He is also not as purely evil as the witch since he did care deeply about his son, and he also acknowledged the fact that he was impulsive and should've known better than to rush into battle. Gunmar loves his son very deeply and was deeply broken when he heard about his death at the hands of the newest human Trollhunter.

    Usurna, however, seemed completely unaware of how Gunmar truly views her, due to her own arrogance and prejudice. She also openly claimed that she would hardly bow down to anyone, especially Gunmar, meaning like her other allies she truly does not care for him. Gunmar saw Dictatious Galadrigal, before his deception, as a valuable advisor and pawn to in his plans for world domination and bringing forth the Eternal Night. As revealed by Merlin, Morgana began the conflict between humans and trolls that first lead to the birth of Gunmar in the first place.

    Gunmar seems completely respectful towards Morgana, as he asked her to bring forth the Eternal Night so his army could conquer all of humanity without fear of the sun. Presumably, despite his respectful posture towards the witch, Gunmar merely saw Morgana as one of his pawns in his world conquest, when in actuality, it was the other way around it was Morgana who saw Gunmar as one of her pawns in her own world conquest.

    One way or another, Morgana would dispose of Gunmar once he completed his conquest of the world for her to take all to herself. Despite that, however, he offers to remake his former general with his Decimaar Blade mostly out of demand then request. Despite his distaste of changelings, Gunmar agreed with Strickler's tactics, but still decided that his son, Bular, would be giving out the orders now. When he feels as if Strickler has grown soft and too close to the Trollhunter, he orders Bular to test him by exposing Strickler as a changeling to Jim.

    After Strickler goes rouge by unleashing Angor Rot and planned on taking over the world himself, Gunmar now views him as a full-on traitor. Gunmar later forces him to activate the Staff of Avalon and release Morgana or he will kill Barbara Lake, which he reluctantly agrees unless he lets Barbara go unharmed.

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    Knowing that he would kill them either way, he uses the staff to distract the Gumm-Gumms, allowing them to escape but not before Gunmar redirects it to Morgana's prison and frees her. Like all changelings, Gunmar despised Nomura, due to her status as a changeling, and never saw her as one of his kind at all.

    After the death of his son, he decides to take his anger out on Nomura when she becomes trapped in the Darklands, in addition for her past failures. His pleasure in torturing Nomura is what causes her to slowly see the error of her ways and later becomes an ally to Jim.

    When they finally meet face-to-face, he immediately found him weak and incompetent. In many ways, himself and Jim are antitheses to each other. However, after seeing Jim's fighting abilities and his willingness to protect his friends, he came to grudgingly respect the boy to a degree.

    Gunmar also seems aware that Jim is one of the few humans that he should not underestimate. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article contains canon information corresponding to the Tales of Arcadia franchise. Contents [ show ]. When broken in half, obsidian creates more edges, and that inspiration really informed the character and brought him to life.

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    1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas) 1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)
    1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas) 1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)
    1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas) 1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)
    1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas) 1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)
    1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas) 1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)
    1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas) 1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)
    1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas) 1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)
    1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas) 1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)
    1 - Last Night in Arcadia (Stories of Atlas)

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