The Eye of Heaven

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Clive Cussler

That night, Fennell breaks into Stockwood's home, and when Royston is forced to shoot him, Leela is convinced that he did so to prevent Fennell from being questioned about his accomplices. Stockwood decides to hide the body in order to avoid involving the police, which would delay his expedition. Royston's suspicions about the Doctor seem justified when they arrive in Portsmouth and find no sign of him, but Leela, while searching for the Doctor, is also attacked and kidnapped by the dockworker. With only hours to go before the Tweed departs, Royston suggests leaving the Doctor and Leela behind, but Stockwood—although finding it difficult to explain his instinctive trust of Leela—refuses to abandon his friends again.

Royston reluctantly accompanies him into the city to search for the missing Doctor and Leela, but they are also attacked and knocked out by the dockworker. Along with the Doctor and Leela, they awaken tied to the pier as the tide comes in.

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Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? (Sonnet 18)

Leela manages to free herself and the others, and the Doctor sends Royston and Stockwood back to the ship while he and Leela try to find out why the dockworker tried to kill them. When they find him, he refuses to answer their questions, and instead tries to shoot them. They flee back to the Tweed, while the dockworker, pursued by police, is shot at and dives into the water just as the ship departs. The Doctor and Leela pull themselves on board—only to find that Captain Stuart has accepted payment from the enemy who has been trying to stop their expedition; Alex Richard's sister Jennifer, who has hated Stockwood with a passion ever since he abandoned her brother to his death on Rapa Nui.

The Doctor convinces Richards to wait until they've reached Rapa Nui to take her revenge—and convinces Leela not to kill her before then. Leela is still convinced that Royston intends to betray them, especially when she sees him privately offering money to Richards.

Richards and Royston emerge from a locked cabin carrying soiled bandages, and Leela determines to find out who's inside. A cyclone blows the Tweed off course into the south seas and destroys their supplies of fresh water, and the crew must dock with a passing iceberg to replenish their supplies. Leela takes advantage of their distraction to break into the locked cabin, where she finds the dockworker, Stump, alive and delirious. Stump flees onto the iceberg, pursued by Leela, but as the iceberg begins to break up she retreats to the Tweed, leaving him to die. Royston explains that Stump, although shot by the police, managed to catch hold of a rope hanging from the Tweed and pull himself aboard as it left Portsmouth.

Royston tried to save his life because that's what doctors do; besides, by offering to pay off Richards and save Stump's life, he hoped to convince her to let Stockwood go without killing him. The Tweed enters turbulent waters where a whale and a giant squid are battling to the death, and Leela and Royston are both swept overboard.

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As the Tweed pulls ever further away, Leela is forced to kill the squid herself and to tie herself and Royston to the whale in order to survive. The whale is too seriously wounded to dive beneath the surface, and eventually dies, just as another storm approaches—this time with a waterspout. Leela and Royston must climb inside the whale's mouth in order to ride out the typhoon The Tweed reaches Rapa Nui in December, although there appear to be no natives present to greet them.

Stockwood is torn with guilt over abandoning Royston and Leela, but it's no less than Richards had expected of him; she lives now only to see him torn with madness over the grave of her brother. The Doctor, meanwhile, studies the moai and finds that their mass is fluctuating, which means that they are absorbing and transmitting energy somehow; but before he can investigate further, the Tweed is attacked by a fleet of Peruvian ships, and he and Stockwood realize too late why they have seen no natives.

SF In the Eye of Heaven / David Keck ★★★

The Doctor finds a group of Peruvian slavers herding the natives together and tries to intervene, but the slavers shoot him in the chest. Stockwood flees into the tunnels, where Richards and the ship's boy Jack Devitt are hiding along with the natives. The others from the Tweed are prisoners of the Peruvian captain DaBraisse, as is the recovering Doctor. But greater conspiracies are afoot—dark plots that could break the oaths which bind the kingdom and the duchies together and keep the Banished at bay.

It may fall to Durand to save the world of Man… Authentic and spellbinding, In the Eye of Heaven weaves together the gritty authenticity of a Glen Cook with the high-medieval flair epitomized by Gene Wolfe 's The Knight , to begin an epic multi-volume tale that will take the fantasy world by storm. Genre: Fantasy. Please try again.

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Email Address. An inane but inoffensive potboiler, to be quickly and pleasantly consumed and forgotten.

The Eye of Heaven The Eye of Heaven
The Eye of Heaven The Eye of Heaven
The Eye of Heaven The Eye of Heaven
The Eye of Heaven The Eye of Heaven
The Eye of Heaven The Eye of Heaven
The Eye of Heaven The Eye of Heaven
The Eye of Heaven The Eye of Heaven

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